Yup....that's right. You are reading it right. The thermometer in my ride said -21 this morning. And some parts of Iowa were actually colder than this.
Yes, I know it is Iowa. I know we should be expecting this cold weather. But when we have temps below -20, with a wind chills that could get to -50, why can't we all just stay home?
Because of the low temps, basically every school in the state is closed today. Not just because of the risks of the kids, but also because of the diesel buses. Diesel and extremely cold temps don't mix well. Many of the buses would probably gel up.
My brother attempted to make a delivery this morning for work, but his semi gelled up on him. He sure didn't get too far, stinkin' cold! Good thing for dad and a friend, they were able to tow the rig to the farm and to the plant.
I will be the first to admit that I love snow! There just comes a point where I don't love it so much if it comes with temps that are too cold to stand. If we could have weather in the mid-20s with this snow, now that would be perfect.
So until that happens, I will learn to start my ride about 15 minutes before I'm ready to leave for work (because 10 minutes today didn't do any good), I'll keep wearing my boots to work and slippers around the office, and I'll keep my heat turned up to about 64 or 65 in my apartment (which I usually have at 60-62).
Stay warm out there!

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Backyard Candle Co. said...

I KNOW!!!! Those temperatures were AWFUL! Wanted to let you know that I wrote on the plate with a sharpie marker. It does come of with windex and a little scrubbing.

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