Snow Fun!

For the past few days, the weather people here in Iowa have been talking about a snow/ice storm that was suppose to hit us Thursday morning. They would also keep going back to talk about the storm last year that left many without power for days, if not weeks. Even how people were preparing for this early this year. Well, come Thursday morning, when the snow/ice should have been here, it was a beautiful morning! It was a nice, sunny, double-digit weather day! An almost perfect winter day. It was like this for most of the day. It wasn't until after dark (maybe between 7 & 8p) that I finally started hearing the sleet hit the windows.
I tried to be a little proactive about this storm as well. I decided to try to cover my vehicle windows, so I wouldn't have too much ice I'd have to clean off in the morning. I wasn't able to get the side windows covered, but I did get the windshield covered. So this morning when I went out a around 6:20a to see what damage was done, I was quite pleased at how well the plastic worked. The not so fun part was shoveling my way to my vehicle. Based on my measurements (using my hand), I'd say we had between 4-6 inches of snow. But it was the nice snow that was easy to move. (Or at least that was the case where I was shoveling.) After about 40 minutes of shoveling and cleaning off my vehicle, I was good to go. Traveling to work wasn't a problem. The problem started when I turned in to the lot where I always park, and it wasn't clean yet. I had to do a little driving around so I had a bit of a path to walk on once I got out. Close to my building there is another lot (that you have to pay big bucks to park in) that was impassable. From cleaning the road right by it, there grew a little mound of snow on the side. When I stepped on it to get to the sidewalk, I thought I would sink in much more than I did. There was no way a vechicle would make it through that, unless if it was jacked-up truck. It would probably have done a little damage to a car. (Hopefully no one tried to get in there before they plowed it.)
So we will have a white Christmas this year. I just hope that the weather now holds off until after Monday. I want Gina and Jay to arrive here as scheduled. If there are any delays, we might just go pick them up in if they are somewhat close!

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