Baby/Kid Wrangler

I think this will be my new title....thanks Mandy for 'branding' me with it! Baby & Kid Wrangler. I think it suits me well. And I never got around to taking pictures this weekend. But it was sure great! According to Mandy, I met a true Cajan. It was a great time. The family we stayed with was more then kind, and the 3 girls they have were fantastic. Even if my name at times sounded like 'Miss MaPaul!!!', it was still a great time. Thanks to Mandy Bee Photography for 'hiring' me to be your baby wrangler.

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Liz said...

Hey Nicole! Thanks for your sweet comment. I've found those at different flea market/antique malls. Sometimes I go to the 'cruddy' places, b/c those are the places you can find the cheapest prices. And sometimes you can bargain with the booth dealers. If I find something I LOVE and dont want to pay that much money for, I just go to the front and say, "Do you think there's any way they would take less for this?" You'd be surprised.

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