Fun at the Farm, Day 6

Today has been an enjoyable day so far. Lots has been accomplished. This morning, J&J waited around for Lindsey to show up. She took the day off work to come play with the kids, carve a pumpkin she grew, and right now she and Jacquelyn are making ice cream in a little bucket.

Here's the pumpkin they carved. Jacob wasn't too excited about helping out at all.

Afterwards, Lindsey, Jacquelyn, and Jacob took a wagon trip down to the church to the playground. In the meantime, I had to help dad move an auger from one bin site to another. It's a good thing I am handy like that! :)
Right now J & J and Lindsey are on the deck rolling around the bucket to make ice cream. I'm sure that will keep them occupied for awhile.
I've started packing up all my laundry and clothes that I need to take back. I have Stampin' Up club tonight, so I should get going. Hopefully I will get a slide show together one of these days with some of the pictures throughout the few days.

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