Fun at the Farm, Day 3

We started out the day having waffles for breakfast! I haven't had them for ever. I don't have a waffle maker, so they were a great treat. Thanks mom!

After breakfast, J & J and I had some fun on the 4-wheeler again. Of course that involved going to the playground at church. We also helped grandpa (my dad) move the auger to the next bin to fill up, and followed him up to the field to combine beans. After dinner (lunch), the kids went down for an early nap, since they were to meet some friends later in the afternoon. So during nap, Andrea put on a little style show with all of her new clothes. Mom and I gave our approval or comments on all the outfits. Then I finally was able to get to the field to help out dad. We got one field done, and opened up another. I left for a little while to go be a nice sister for Adam and feed and water the calves.

Now that it is dark out, dad is calling it quits. No need to combine any of the numerous rocks out in the field. So we are playing it safe. But we'll get back out there tomorrow!

Time for supper!

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